Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010 Update

“Why choose failure, when success is an option” – I recite this quote every day (sometimes several times per day). It keeps me focused on the things I need to do to make a positive impact on those around me. What keeps you on track?

Too many people settle for less in life, to only look back and wonder what might have happened if they made a change to follow their passion. Well, yesterday was June 15th, the mid-way point of 2010. How are things going? Are you achieving the personal and professional goals that you’ve charted for yourself? Are you working on the things that make you the happiest and make a difference in lives of other people?

Here are some great achievements taking place around you – in your expanded network of friends, family and colleagues. Support them because they are working on their dreams and goals. They are choosing success and can use all the help they can get.

All the best and make it a great week.

1. LUCY WOODWARD LAUNCHES DEBUT VERVE ALBUM “HOOKED” – ( – Lucy is a very good friend who just released an amazing album, “Hooked”. She’s receiving well deserved press on Access Hollywood, Marie Clare magazine and through many other media sources. Make some time to enjoy her songs and you’ll definitely be hooked (pun intended).

2. IQUBZ LLC – ( – Stephan and Ashu are great friends and Managing Directors for IQubz LLC. The software we use at my company, Profitiviti, was built and currently supported by IQubz and we could not ask for a better business partner. Please keep them in mind for any systems work that you might be considering. In summary, IQubz is a global software solutions and service provider specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI). IQubz, a Microsoft Certified Partner, offers solutions and services based on Microsoft technology and Microsoft Dynamics business solutions platform. IQubz is owned and managed by professionals with solid backgrounds in variety of industries including financial services, hospitality and travel, retail and wholesale distribution, field service and professional services.

3. SONRISA SCHOOL (MISSION VIEJO) – ( – Ashu (profiled above in IQubz) and his wife Priya have operated an amazing school for kids with special needs for over 10 years. Recently, their school Sonrisa was profiled in the Orange County Register ( As you know, helping kids with special needs is a strong passion for my wife and I. Having a connection with Ashu and Priya is terrific and we are very proud of the services and support they provide.

4. SHARED PERFORMANCE – ( – My friend Steve Tiches recently launched a new company called Shared Performance that focuses on helping organizations achieve desired results by maximizing the efficiencies of individuals. The Shared Performance software determines what things must be achieved in order for a company to obtain specific results, who is responsible for each achievement, and provides companies with an understanding of what they get for the money they spend on obtaining specific results.

5. MYSMARTBIO – ( – A friend for the past 15+ years, Steve Walters has launched a very nice website with some business partners. MySmartBio is a free online utility for sharing and managing your personal career information. For young and mid-career professionals, SmartBio offers a lifelong home for managing social network profiles, building online personas/resumes, showcasing work samples, professional development, connecting with 1000+ job sites and more. Whether you appear on a social network, job board, recruiter or employer site, SmartBio allows you to control and update your online presence anytime, anywhere in a single click. Here is a recent Wall Street Journal article:

6. WILBUR RANCH TOFFEE – ( – Melinda Miller used to work at Universal Studios and recently launched Wilbur Ranch Toffee. Inspired by her grandmother, Melinda began baking when she was a young girl and developed a passion for making exceptionally delicious desserts and candies. She is best known for her gourmet almond toffee which she made for special occasions and gifts. Encouraged by her friends and family, she has turned her love for making toffee into a business. Wilbur Ranch Toffee’s mission is to create distinctively delicious toffee products and promote elegant gift giving. Exclusively made in small handcrafted batches, discover the most exquisite toffee your palate will savor. Wilbur Ranch Toffee uses only the finest premium quality ingredients in each of its creations. The gourmet toffee is also available for holidays, special occasions, corporate events, parties, weddings, showers, charity dinners or private affairs. Melinda can be reached at

7. MAEDAWN WELLNESS CENTER – ( a friend from the Sony Pictures Days, Gina Candido, has launched a new career as a Wellness Coach. In short, they offer guidance and counseling for people to live more natural lives through Holistic Therapies. Her area of expertise is energy therapy (Reiki) for stress relief and relaxation. Additionally, she is getting her certification to be a Hypnotherapist. She is also teaming up with a family therapist (38 years experience) and a nutritionist to offer the full holistic experience - caring for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Check out their website or Facebook for more information: .

8. “SELF REFLECTION” GUITAR ALBUM – ( – Gus Tepper has been a long time friend after we met at Sony Pictures. Gus is from Argentina and love South American music. He recently created a website where he can share his songs and albums: “South America Guitar” and “Self Reflection”.

9. DESIGNED2DREAM SPECIAL EVENTS DESIGNER – ( – Sherri Curtis is a friend from Herbalife who has been playing special events for over 15 years. Designed2Dream’s vision is to create an atmosphere of excellence, excitement and of great anticipation. Your event will be a day of elegance, a day you are sure to never forget. You will leave your dreams and walk into reality!

10. HANDS ON CONCEPTS – ( – A friend Teidi Tucker’s husband founded a fantastic company called, Hands On Concepts. He runs a complete product development company that creates amazing producible goods for the disabled products industry: MonoSki, Outriggers, Mono Hauler, Wheelchairs, etc. These high-end adaptive living products allow individuals with disabilities to enjoy sports and other everyday living experiences to the fullest.

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