Friday, October 9, 2009

October 2009 Update

Well, the time has come to include our own efforts and accomplishments in this BLOG. Recently we unveiled our new company, Profitiviti. This has been a major part of our Master Plan and has been in the works for many, many years. You can image how incredibly excited we are for this to actually be taking place. Last October we launched our consulting business (Part 1 of the Master Plan) and now we are launching the software solution (Part 2). It’s been an amazing, amazing year – we are very blessed.

And Part 3 of our Master Plan is also in place – today we are also launching our non-profit organization (filing in process) – Expand-Abilities. As you know, we are passionate about serving children with special needs. Expand-Abilities’ mission does just that.

Along with all of our hard work, many others are following their dreams and passions. All of these efforts continue to be innovative and exciting. Keep supporting your friends and family members, pass along these leads to others – Tweet about them, put them in your BLOGs, send them to your distribution lists. There is no better time than now to support developing businesses.

Thanks for all your compassion and support. Make today great!

1. PROFITIVITI – ( – Basically, we conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of our client's business operations. This assessment results in improved strategy development, enhanced cost control initiatives, better alignment of investments for growth and an optimized product portfolio.

We've used this methodology for a few years with Excel and Access tools, however Profitiviti is our new enterprise solution. Literally, we've made and saved companies millions of dollars over the years. Our clients have ranged from $50 Million to over $3 Billion. Our approach is great for senior executives (COOs, CFOs, SVPs of Strategy, General Managers) along with Venture Capital / Private Equity firms. This approach is a great way to monitor/evaluate a company’s ability to execute over time and provides additional insight not available through Board presentations or financial statements.

Let me know if you have questions, would like a demo, have any referrals you would share (bonuses available!) or just want to chat.

2. EXPAND-ABILITIES – ( – Even before Catherine and I welcomed our daughter Julia into our lives, we truly enjoyed working with children with special needs. The magic that Julia brings our family is wonderful – our entire family learns so much for each other every day and we never take anything for granted. With Expand-Abilities, we’ve team up with several other dedicated friends who share a similar mission – we believe in setting high expectations and fulfilling the rights to unconditional access and opportunity. Profitiviti has chosen Expand-Abilities as its charity of choice. We hope you look to Expand-Abilities as well, since we work every day to fulfill our tagline: Developing Skills. Empowering Families. Strengthening Communities.

3. MATEA DESIGN – ( – Dave Matea is my cousin and a very talented. He has produced several incredible logos for my companies along with on-target marketing collateral. He is the sole designer behind our Profitiviti brand and we could not be happier. Matea Design is an independently operated design service that delivers a smart approach to purposed driven graphic design solutions. Specializing in corporate communications, Identity systems, and web design. The end result is to express ideas that inspire, endure and elevate marketplace presence.

4. COOLEY CAREER COACHING – ( – David Cooley is a great career coach. We met when I was finishing up grad school and when I was trying to figure out my next career steps. David has a masterful skill of helping one reflect internally to truly define a “personal brand.” With that “personal brand”, David weaves a story around personal and career accomplishments to create a targeted value proposition for employers, tying together a strong common themed resume, cover letter and interviewing approach. I’ve referred many people to David over the years and believe in his approach. Check him out in a recent story for FOX (

5. ARTICLE ONE PARTNERS – ( – My USC college roommate, Ray Felts, is the Chief Operating Officer of Article One Partners. They are in a new space termed "crowdsourcing", where the wisdom of a crowd is better than a few individuals doing the work. They created a global community of patent researchers that help industry clients discover prior art to resolve patent disputes and get higher confidence in the valuation of IP. In June 2009, they received the Top Award at Startup 2009 Conference.

6. PIVOTAL RESOURCES JOB POSTING – ( – Pivotal Resources is a leading consulting firm focused on helping their clients drive new levels of financial performance and customer satisfaction. Their suite of training and consulting services revolve around Process Improvement, Performance Management and Leadership Development. They serve a broad range of organizations, with a concentration in service industries such as healthcare, financial services and technology with clients including some of the world’s most respected brands: Starwood Hotels, Charles Schwab, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco Systems and GE. While I was leading the Global Continuous Improvement Program (Lean Six Sigma) at Herbalife and were very happy with Pivotal’s assistance, insight and services. They are looking for a Sales & Business Development Associate. Click on the following link for more information,, or let me know and I'll connect you with them directly.

7. AQUENT JOB POSTING – ( – Aquent is a leading talent agency for marketing and designers. A friend of mine Sharon Strauss is hiring 4 additional sales people in LA, and 4 in the Bay Area. All need to have 5+ years sales experience in either a Marketing, Interactive or Graphic Design organization!! Please reach out to Sharon directly at

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